Change Happens at Gilgal and You Can Be a Part of It!



Visit our Blog to read real stories of real change happening every day at Gilgal — in and through our residents, our staff, our volunteers and even our community partners!

Change really is happening at Gilgal — every day in the lives of the women we serve. We’re seeing an immediate transformation as they inwardly embrace a new life in Christ. We are also watching in awe as they gradually learn to release old destructive behaviors to embrace promising futures with God. The change is beautiful to watch, and it’s making a lasting difference in countless lives.

You might wonder how a shift in one person’s life can touch so many others. Well, it’s because our women embody the people we all know and love. They are relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who live, work and worship in our communities.

The truth is that substance abuse doesn’t discriminate. It’s a complex issue that affects us all. Our clients come from every ethnicity and socio-economic background. The issues that have brought them to us – abuse, domestic violence, legal matters, mental health, and homelessness – are those that touch society as a whole. None of us is immune.

Each Gilgal woman is representative of the numerous lives shattered by drug and alcohol addiction. They symbolize a child without his or her mother; a workplace minus an employee; or a community of homes, businesses and churches less one productive member.

But we still have reason to hope! The chains of addiction are being broken because there are people, just like you, who care and want to see change happen. We invite you to become a ChainBreaker at Gilgal by joining us in our mission of restoring homeless women with addictions. For when you do, you are not only influencing the life of one woman, you are helping to change the future for all of us.

CHANGE HAPPENS at Gilgal, and You Can Be a Part of It! Go to our “BECOME A CHANGE AGENT” page to find out how!